Discover How to Better Engage Bilingual Hispanic Consumers

A Framework for Utilizing Spanish Language Effectively Across Different Communication Types

When should I advertise in Spanish? English? Spanglish?

To answer this, we worked with market-leading organizations from various industries to put together a Language Decision Framework. This framework walks you through all the steps to make better language decisions when marketing to bilingual Hispanics. Beginning with your brand's category and target consumer, we will show you how to engage across different communication types, while preparing for cost considerations and potential backlash. 

Key Questions Answered:

  • How important will Spanish language be in the future?
  • What are the important factors when deciding on Spanish language communication?
  • What are the nuances of functional vs. emotional categories in bilingual communication?
  • What are best practices to engage with the fast growing bilingual Hispanic segment?
Adaptive Language Strategies White Paper

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